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2019 Hong Kong Bodybuilding Championships cum 10th South China Bodybuilding Invitational Championships and HK-GZ Performance Exchange

HK Champ Result

South China Champ Result

Date: 23 June, 2019 (Sun)

Time: 6:30 PM

Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium Arena

Competition Categories:

1.           Student Men’s Sport Model

2.           Men’s Physique

3.           Women’s Bikini

4.           Junior Men’s Bodybuilding Championship

- 70 kg& below

-  Over70 kg

5.           Master Men’s Bodybuilding Championship

-   Over 40 year-old

6.           Men’s Athletic Physique

-   Up to and incl 170cm + 3kg

-    Over170cm+ 4kg

7.        Women’s Sport Model

8.        Men’s Sport Model



1.  Athlete participating in Bikini, Athletic Physique or Physique category is not allowed to compete in other categories.

2. Athlete if compete in Junior Men’s Bodybuilding, he is only allowed to compete in Master Men’s Bodybuilding category but not the others.

3.  Athlete if compete in Student Sport Model, he/she is only allowed to compete in Sport Model category but not the others.

In case of any dispute, HKCBBA reserves the right of final decision.

Deadline: 23 May 2019

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